What should I Shut Up and do? D700, D810 or Hold My Breath?

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Probably worth $200 to do it NOW .... what realistically to expect?

Veloster75 wrote:

If you are worrying about the $200 increase for the D810, then don't be shocked with the price of the successor to it which is probably coming later this year. Go with the D810 and enjoy it. Its a hellava camera. I love mine.

Suppose the $200 rebate comes back in two months.  Is the $200 savings worth missing two months of pleasure of using a tool like that?  Life is short, I would go for it now.  I suspect that the biggest problem is feeling foolish about missing a sale, not the actual price difference.  We all have that same instinct.

BTW I LOVE the D750  I find it a perfect size and weight, and get superb image quality.  I just bought a D810 out of curiosity for the visual impact of extra resolution, and because I wanted a quieter shutter.

Some of the best photographers I know use older models and I am amazed to see that.  And some photographers tell me that I don't need the extra resolution of a D810 unless I'm printing HUGE.

But what I'm wondering is whether the extra resolution of the D810 puts it more in the category of a medium format camera -- or, whether the visual impact of medium format is more about sensor size than resolution.

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