What should I Shut Up and do? D700, D810 or Hold My Breath?

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Re: What should I Shut Up and do? D700, D810 or Hold My Breath?

L Copps wrote:

RandyYPoto wrote:

I have a D700. I love it, but some of the new technology is quite enticing and I've dedicated this year as "Getting back into Photography" after a few years away. (Long story)

I was all set to buy the D810 the other day. I hopped onto B&H and noticed that the sale had ended. $200 bucks higher.

Why? I thought. nikonusa.com quickly revealed the two new beauties, unfortunately neither of which I want. [Correction "want" may not be the correct word, the D5 is just too expensive]

But I don't want the D500, I'm and FX Portrait guy. The D750 just seams too chintzy and cheap, I hate the plastic feel, I hate the grip, the menus and the dials. Not for me.

Whats the probability we get an D810 update (or some other FX Pro candy) in 2016?

So. should I SHUT UP keep shooting my D700 and hope and wait?

Or SHUT UP and buy the D810 because its still awesome?

The D750 is not chintzy and cheap. It was made with a composite body to make it light and more compact to compete with the mirrorless bodies. It is the most durable SLR Nikon makes. If you search the posts you will find many testaments of several drops, one from 10 meters with no damage. The body absorbs shock much better than Magnesium boat anchors like the D700 and D810 which are damaged severely from a short drop. The D750 is not a continuation of the dated huge clunky DSLRs, but the first of a new line of compact, light, and durable DSLRs to go head to head with mirrorless. The Autofocus module was the very best Nikon made before the release of the D5 and D500 last week.

So I don't know were you get chintzy/cheap from. Maybe you should try one out before rendering such an erroneous judgement.

Better than the autofocus on the D4/s?

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