What should I Shut Up and do? D700, D810 or Hold My Breath?

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Re: What should I Shut Up and do? D700, D810 or Hold My Breath?

RandyYPoto wrote:

I have a D700. I love it, but some of the new technology is quite enticing and I've dedicated this year as "Getting back into Photography" after a few years away. (Long story)

I was all set to buy the D810 the other day. I hopped onto B&H and noticed that the sale had ended. $200 bucks higher.

Why? I thought. nikonusa.com quickly revealed the two new beauties, unfortunately neither of which I want. [Correction "want" may not be the correct word, the D5 is just too expensive]

But I don't want the D500, I'm and FX Portrait guy. The D750 just seams too chintzy and cheap, I hate the plastic feel, I hate the grip, the menus and the dials. Not for me.

Whats the probability we get an D810 update (or some other FX Pro candy) in 2016?

So. should I SHUT UP keep shooting my D700 and hope and wait?

Or SHUT UP and buy the D810 because its still awesome?

From someone that was in your shoes a while back i can give you my recommendation.

I had( my wife have it now, so still in our possession) the D700 and was slowly looking around at times wondering if i would ever see an upgrade for my D700. Honestly i decided to wait as i felt the D800s of the world was not the replacement i was looking for. And i still feel that way even if i now own the D810. So why is that? Well, a long story short my wife was looking to get a better DSLR rather then shoot compacts.

I kind of had forgotten about the DF at the time since i heard so much bad things about it in the beginning that i was not interested in it any longer. But now i started to read more and more positive reviews about it and why people now felt it was the camera for them once you could coupe with all the shortcomings people thought it had when it first showed up. People really had huge expectations that it could never live up to when it arrived, and therefor it drowned in a sea of negative reviews.

I liked what i read though and realized it might just be the perfect camera for what i like shooting. I am like you a portrait guy and the Df seemed perfect for that.

I decided to get it, and right after i got it i knew i had made the right choice.

So why did i get the D810 also? Weeeell, i also realized if i had to hand my wife the D700 i would lack in areas where i would need one if i made more serious assignments and needed a backup for that. Also the DF is not the greatest sports camera or the best for action related photography.

So i also got the D810 and im happy to have it as well. BUT almost every time i shoot something for myself i bring the DF rather than the D810 to be honest. I just like the DF so much more. There is something about it that( especially for portraits) beats the D810. Also it goes so well with the older lenses i own and is great fun to shoot with.

So i REALLY recommend the DF if you cannot wait, i do not think you will be disappointed. But read every review you can find and make up your mind after, there are some things that you need to think about to be able to decide if its really for you..

Good luck!

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