What should I Shut Up and do? D700, D810 or Hold My Breath?

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Robert Palmqvist
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Re: What should I Shut Up and do? D700, D810 or Hold My Breath?

RandyYPoto wrote:

I have a D700. I love it, but some of the new technology is quite enticing and I've dedicated this year as "Getting back into Photography" after a few years away. (Long story)

You say this year you will get back into photography, great start with that!

You will not need a new body for portraiture if you already got a D700. I still hold on to my D700 waiting for a true successor. The money I saved not upgrading to a D810 or a Df is available for glass. I would personally spend the time "getting back into photography" and the money on glass if you need. Because great glass is what makes photography really fun. Bodies come and go and there will always be a "better" body, new or used. Buying and swapping camera gear is mostly consumption but great glass tend to keep it's value much much better than bodies...

Or what would you prefer, a really great body one or two generation old (something you already have) with a great selection of lenses or a brand new body with a limited set of lenses?

Ps. Above reasoning is made with the assumption that you can't afford both, a constant flow of new bodies and a full set of great lenses, that might not be the case

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