What should I Shut Up and do? D700, D810 or Hold My Breath?

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Re: What should I Shut Up and do? D700, D810 or Hold My Breath?

RandyYPoto wrote:

But I don't want the D500, I'm and FX Portrait guy. The D750 just seams too chintzy and cheap, I hate the plastic feel, I hate the grip, the menus and the dials. Not for me.

A pitty as the 750 is a totally brilliant camera. I found the 610 an excellent upgrade to the 700 (DR, resolution and I prefer the body in most aspects - focus operation has some comprise though way better than I expected - otherwise I would not have bought one). The 750 adds better focus and highlight metering, plus a crock of 'upgrades' of no interest - and absolutely no advantage in raw image quality.

Whats the probability we get an D810 update (or some other FX Pro candy) in 2016?

Ask yourself what an upgrade to the d810 would be. They may well put more pixels in it - after all, what is 36mp these days? They may add a tiltly screen and wifi. They will add expeed 5. They will charge more. Will that improve any aspect of your life?

So. should I SHUT UP keep shooting my D700 and hope and wait?

Good choice.

Or SHUT UP and buy the D810 because its still awesome?

Good choice.

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