One prime for the ultimate walk round/travel lens?

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Re: One prime for the ultimate walk round/travel lens?

Jay wrote:

after time has passed, i enjoy going back to the old videos. in many ways, it's even more enjoyable than the actual trip itself. in almost all cases, i have already forgotten those moments. i get to see them again...decades later.

Very, very much agree.

Not meaning to be morbid, but many of us will end up in a residence center, with a room-mate in the equivalent of a college dorm room. Space will be severely limited, including closet, drawers, and wall-space for prints.

Huge "down-sizing" which can be a shock and depressing. Deal with it.

I intend to have an advanced "digital picture frame" with 1000's and 1000's of images ... but smart-phones and/or tablets will be even better, with voice control like:

  • "Show me the pictures from my child's birthdays, HAL".
  • "OK, now from Halloween events."
  • "Now from winter snow scenes."

FWIW, and sorry if tl;dr
I dropped out of photography for decades due to a very challenging career change in my early 30's. Went from avid, near crazed 'tog to almost never taking photos ... for decades. Bummer.

I came across a few long forgotten slides from a six-day bicycle trip (Ride Around Wyoming ... RAW ... also know as 'Ride Against the Wind ). I was simply gob-smacked that I had pretty much forgotten about it in the mists of time, but the memories came flooding back.


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