Dated AF module - is something new coming?

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Re: Dated AF module - is something new coming?

MoreorLess wrote:

Stepanfo wrote:

Joesiv wrote: Not sure what you mean proper large FX AF module. Afterall, it's the same module that's in the D500 which is DX. We don't know the total coverage, but apparently it's pretty much the DX frame, but it's still DX.

It is not the same module, it is much larger. You can compare the physical size of both modules, cuts of both D3 and D5 are now available. The cut of D5 is well visible in Matt Grangers video.

The old module was small DX module with good coverage of DX and insufficient of FX. The new module is FX module with good coverage of FX frame and excellent of DX frame.

By those standards the new module is a DX module as well, just one that covers a bit more space on DX.

exactly... lol

Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited about this new AF module!  dpreviews latest look at it shows me the coverage, and it looks very nice, wish it could have better vertical spread (on FX), but that's probably impossible with the mirror layouts and such.  I can't wait for a more affordable FX body to have it!  D760 please!

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