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AustinTed wrote:

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What sort of photography uses these extreme ISOs? The D4s does up to ~400,000 the standard range is up to 51,200. Could you shoot a 13x19 (night) sport or a night concert poster @ 51,200 or 25,600? As a Nikon D600 owner, I generally hear people say the max should be 3,200 or about 1 stop less than the max of the standard range without going into the hi settings.

Who would use ~400,000 because the D5 now says 3M.

Concert shots of a high energy rock band of all the band members from next to the stage.

You might need 5.6 or f8 for depth of field to cover all the band and 1/500 (or even faster) for a really high energy band.

Then if the light is really low as well.....

You can easily be at ISOs higher than 51200 for this.....that is what I love about the Sony A7s.

This Nikon might be a concert photographers dream....even the D500 might be as well.

Good example. I've done a high energy rock band once, but was able to keep the ISOs at 20K or below. But I also stayed at f2.8 and sacrificed depth of field. At f5.6 I would have been at 80K in which case I probably would have done the black & white conversion cheat.

Here are a couple ISO 20K example from a D4S. Not claiming these are anything special. Very awful lighting and not a lot of photons to work with. Lot's of noise visible so not sure how much higher in ISO I would have really wanted to go. I may have had to push these a bit in post so it may not be completely reflective of the camera capabilities. At 400K or 3M ISO I still think we're looking at PI shots though.

Here is a ISO 51200 from the A7s.....I would think the new D5 will do this or better....I have ISO 51200 as a normal ISO and use either ISO 51200 or 102400 as my max for auto ISO...when using 102400, that is often knowing it might go to an intermediate like 80000.

I would think (hope) the D5 is USABLE at ISO 102400 and maybe a bit more.

The future is looking very nice for all.

The lighting is good here and the band, while not stationary is far from the most high energy type of band.....in another gig this could easily have needed much more.

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