3D Lens attachment (w Mirrors)

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Re: 3D Lens attachment (w Mirrors)

crunchy_3d wrote:

What zoom have you used on Nikons (35mm equivalent) for 40mm stereo base?

You wrote that for 35 degrees of view you have to set 50mm stereo base. 35 horizontal degrees of view corresponds to about 60mm lens (35mm equivalent).

I suppose that stereo base would be higher for larger cameras (with larger lenses). Once I tried similar solution with my m43 Panasonics and the measured stereo base was relatively large (if I remember correctly, in vicinity of 10cm), but now I cannot remember the lens focal length. You encouraged me to try again.

The readers should be aware that for non-SDM cameras we might face synch problems. The swans picture on flickr page have a hint of missynch (some feathers on left swan, also slightly on the water). However, for portrait photography (without wind) it could be still very good solution.

I have two different zoom lenses for each of the Nikon 1 V1 cameras . They are 10-30mm ( 27 - 81mm , 35mm equivalent ) and 30-110mm ( 81 - 297mm , 35mm equivalent ). Depending on what I am photographing I may use either of the lenses. Using the 30 to 1 ratio rule for good stereo effect, if the stereo base is say 40mm then the distance from subject to sensor needs to be around 30 x 40mm = 1200mm. I would say for this distance the focal length of the lens need to be about 60mm ( 35mm equivalent ) or longer, when used on the rig with a mirror.

For best sync , I think in the case of the swans photo , I pressed the shutter button on each camera by hand ( or I may have used the infra-red hand unit, directed at both cameras ). It is important the have the exposure and focusing in manual mode, so that both cameras take the photo instantly.

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