wanted: NEX adapter for Samsung NX lenses

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Re: wanted: NEX adapter for Samsung NX lenses

dr hagiu wrote:

It does apply because:
a. it shows that it is actually possible from an optical point of view.

b. Also it is interesting to see that you can actually adapt manual lenses from one mirrorless system to another, manual lenses being a joy to use with these cameras due to the focus peaking.

c. Far stretched future hypothesis - taking into consideration that there are available nikon - sony E adapters with AF compatibility and that there is a rumored partnership between Nikon and Samsung that may eventually lead to a mount communication transfer, the apparition of an Sony E - Samsung NX adapter is actually plausible.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I saw that Samsung made their NX SDK available ( NX300M runs on Tizen and NX Galaxy is android ) so if there exists an eager engineer and coder maybe we'll be lucky ^_^

a. That is almost a given

b. Yep, but no aperture control or focus control then no joy

c. This is what would make NX lenses on Sony E-mount viable.

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