They're back. Snowy Owls.

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Re: They're back. Snowy Owls.

pixelsmithy wrote:

Super nice catch!

Believe it or not, I nabbed three different snowy owls in the Kearney, Nebraska area back in the big irruption of winter 13/14 (and saw another that was road kill some 20 miles east of Kearney). Sounds like numbers & sightings this year are even ahead of that year.

Map of eBird-reported sightings so far this year:

Sadly, irruptions are bad news for the birds because many are not in good physical condition after travelling so far from their native hunting grounds seeking food. But sightings are still a rare treat for photographers.

Thanks. Sorry for the late response. Unfortunately for the owls they do not have much choice but to move southward to find food and for survival. I was following the blogs on the Project Snowstorm site and a number of the early arrivals this fall have been found to be in a weakened state. They compared that to previous winters where owls arrived in a more healthier condition.  The numbers being reported here in eastern Ontario are still higher than a normal winter but nit in the numbers seen for the last 2 winters.



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