Has anyone heard of this camera at light.co ?

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Re: it's not too expensive.

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

JCraigLynch wrote:

At $1,699 I'm not sure so many people would be willing to invest. And, I'm referring to the Average "Hey, I'm thinking about getting into photography" Joe or Jane here.

Do I want this camera? Sure, It'd be a nice addition. How about pulling it out at a portrait shoot... "Say cheese!"

If it performs as well as in the videos, I'd pay twice that amount and be happy that I did so.

My current camera is a $1300 1" sensor Sony camera. It's a fixed zoom lens camera. I used to own a Nikon D800e, but I realized that I was basically "subscribing" to expensive camera bodies. Also DSLR cameras are unreasonably heavy and bulky. I decided I was absolutely sick of carrying a backpack just to take a photograph. So now, I'm all ears about miniaturized camera tech.

Most likely it won't perform as suggested. But we will know soon. DPR and other sites will be getting their hands on the camera soon. It comes out this year sometime.

I truly believe that computational aperture cameras (and similar) are photography's future and probably sooner than most think.

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