Captured on UK streets by a foreign lens

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Re: Captured on UK streets by a foreign lens

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Interesting street photography/photojournalism showing 2011 life in the UK:

For, in the eyes of the experts and professionals gathered at the International Festival of Photojournalism in the French city of Perpignan, this portfolio of work — entitled Cardiff After Dark — was a beautifully crafted and realistic portrait of life in modern Britain.

and no doubt all those so called experts have eye witnessed this behavior eh?

The problem with that kind of statement is that I (or anyone) could put together a portfolio of images showing the UK as an idyllic, peaceful and friendly place that would also be a realistic portrait of modern Britain. The fact is that despite some city centers do resemble those images, it is the minority of people that behave like that.

Cardiff is worse than most british city centres.

A few years ago, during these best off and worst off tv programs. There was one entitled 'Britain's worst public toilets' where the public outed the worst public toilets in the country. At the top was Cardiff and the presenters explained that the worst public toilet was NOT in Cardiff city centre. It was Cardiff city centre. Since there were no public toilets in Cardiff city centre.

drunken women wearing slutty clothes isn't uncommon in urban areas, so is Cardiff's claim to fame that it has more of them per capita?

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