Xrite DTP20/DTP94 on Windows 8 ?

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Ancient DTP 94 still works with W10, thanks! :)

Leon Obers wrote:

Bob Collette wrote:

The important thing is that you got it installed and working. Thanks for letting us know that you were successful and how you did it. This will probably help others who are experiencing the same or similar issues.

By the different stories and approaches how people installed their older X-Rite devices DTP20 and DTP94 (X-Rite "Optix XR" display calibration and "Pulse Color Elite System" devices for profiling print) to their later Windows 7 or 8 systems, that can give some misunderstanding mixing up the stories, I shall give a brief description how I fixed it for Windows 8 exclusively.

The two devices as described as a set (and used by me ---> RGB/CMYK edition) by X-Rite:
X-Rite "Pulse Color Elite" PDF file still found at the website at X-Rite
Example of what is included, set as a whole (pictures made by a user at Fred Miranda forum)

The base stories that inspired me that their should be a solution to install in Windows 8:
The previous poster in this thread Pauline: Xrite DTP20/DTP94 on Windows 8 ? -- SOLVED --"
The base stories: Windows 7 installation and Windows 8 installation

I started with a new build PC, and a fresh Windows 8 - 64 bit installation from base.
The base information, drivers etc. as needed still can be found at the X-Rite website.
X-Rite "Pulse Color Elite System"
X-Rite "Monaco Optix XR" if people are using this device only as a screen calibration.

At both X-Rite support pages, the needed driver can be downloaded.
You need the Unified 32 & 64-Bit Drivers, 98, 2000, XP, & Vista v3.1.0.0 driver
That's the only thing you need if you have still your original software from previous usage.

- Extract/unpack the v3.1.0.0 driver ZIP-file (using Windows 8 base un-zipper or Winrar utility)
As it is an old driver without Win8 certification, we have to install the driver in a mode, that certification control is not used (off). A few lines further described (Win8 has to be rebooted).

- Connect the X-Rite DTP94 device to a USB port
Remark: Have read from a user that got a blue screen after doing that, and reboot of the system.
I didn't. But in case you met this problem, do use a USB-hub as extra "between" device and do connect the DTP94 to the hub. It should surpass this problem.

In Device Manger you can find the "X-Rite DTP94" with yellow exclamation mark.
We have to reboot the system in the not used certification control mode. As my mother language is not English, either my Win8 system, it could be that the description is not exactly as found in your system. My apology.
- Go to the right side of the screen to close the system
- ON / OFF
- Restart button, but hold down SHIFT KEY at same time
- You get a new screen where you can choose several options for reboot
- Choose middle option "Solving Problems"
- next, LAST section (out of three) "Advanced Options"
- next, LAST section (out of five) "Starting Options" (giving a list what are the possibilities)
- AFTER real booting / restarting choose for option:
7) "Usage of Program Certification Switch OFF" ---> booting further in that choice

After you are in again in Window 8, go to the device manager, looking for the X-Rite DTP94
- Properties ----> tab updating drivers / program
- Window showing up ----> Second Option: "Looking at PC for driver"
- Go to the directory where you have extracted the Unified 32/64 bit v3.1.0.0 driver
- install


Doing for the other DTP20 device it is installed automatically when you put in the cable into a USB-port, as this device makes use of the same driver.

The old X-Rite 32-bit software as included in that time for using these calibration and profiling systems, do install without problems. No errors found, except one tiny thing I shall explain later.
As a remark, the Monaco Optix XR software by default will be installed in a difficult found directory within the system (roaming....??). When installing, just choose the proper directory by yourself by editing the directory line within the installing window.

Choose for: C:\Program files (x86)\X-Rite\......
as that is the directory, the other X-Rite (Pulse) software shall be installed as default.

The tiny thing that didn't install by the Monaco display software was the automatic setting of the profile to the display. You have to do it manually in the proper section of the color management system of Windows 8. Or the easy way, you can just made a short-cut of the proper tool of the MonacoGamma loader.
Go to the "tools" section/folder of the installed X-Rite programs, and make a short-cut of the MonacoGamma loader tool.
(Depending to your own added system utilities installed, e.g. an old fashioned "Start-menu". And if you make use of the "Start-up" folder, you can place the short-cut also there. That was the original place in past for automatically set the profile to the display that is used by the Monaco software after making a profile).


Thanks for the detailed summary. I tried using my old DTP94 on a Windows 10 laptop via a similar approach and it works.

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