A7ii Lens Selection..

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Robert Holloway
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Re: A7ii Lens Selection..

Soulkiller19 wrote:

I am in Trouble for A7ii + Lens Selection in the moment..

I already decided to Get A7ii + Canon 17-40f4 with ( may be Commlite Adapter ) for wide angle and general use.

and one 85mm Portrait & Lowlight lens. I already Have Sigma 85mmf1.4 (Amount) but No LA-EA 3 adapter yet.
So possible solutions for me are

1. Sell My sigma 85(A), Get Sigma 85(Canon) (same price, abit troublesome) to just use with commlite.

2. Sell Sigma 85(A) and Get Metabones instead of Commlite and Get Canon 85mmf1.8.

3. Keep Sigma 85(A) and Get LA-EA3 ( So two separate adapter for 2 lenes, and Not interested in other A mount lens really )

4. Sell Sigma 85(A) and Get Batis 85?

What will be my best move? I also have 70-200f2.8G SSM Lens but already decided to sell out.

I am a budget photographer.. so which will be the cheapest / best solution for my needs?

Hi there

I hope that I can help you. It will be hard as I'm not completely sure what type of photographs you want to take. It sounds like you are looking for general every day use and portraits. i also am not sure about your need for AF, versus MF and the big problem is that we don't know your real budget as you're discussing the Batis, metabones, etc....

Background, I have owned about 2 Sigmas, 15 Canon lenses including the 17-40L, 85/1.8 and 85/1.2L and now have several Sony/Zeiss lenses and the Commlite adapter

Everyday use - I would not recommend the 17-40 for everyday use. It's a good landscape lens for the price, but is an old design. A 35mm prime like the 35/2 from Canon would be a better everyday lens, much lighter, brighter, cheaper and sharper! Please check that it works with Metabones. However, the Metabones is $400 and the lens will be over $200, so you're getting up towards the Sony/Zeiss 35/2.8 which I have. It's easy to stitch 2-4 shots with a 35 in LR BTW if you feel that 35mm is not wide enough for everyday use, then sony also have a very well reviewed 28.

Portraiture - The Batis is overkill for someone on a budget. The Canon 85/1.8 with a Metabones might be interesting, it's very sharp and has a lovely bokeh... and it's only about $400. The 55/1.8 Zeiss is stunning and is not wildly more

Adapters - I purchased the Commlite for Canon and hated it. AF was glacial. If you are open to spending $1200 on a Batis, you have many options. However, be careful about AF performance with the Metabones on an A7ii. I don't think it's close to the A7rii.

Hope this is useful!


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