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Re: High ISO Noise Reduction only for jpg

Bernard Delley wrote:

bclaff wrote:

Bernard Delley wrote:

to the best of my own + forum knowledge there is no such high ISO denoising with Nikon. (Sony cameras have been known for such denoising applied to a then ironically called "cooked raw") . Nikon high ISO NR applies to jpg only, 'long exposure NR' is a built in black frame subtraction which can be turned off by the user. This subtraction requires a wait time equal to exposure time: potentially annoying.

Nikon does have High ISO Noise Reduction that can be controlled by the user and can be set to OFF.
When it is active it affects NEF as well as JPG files.

I checked High ISO Noise Reduction "High" against "Off" on NEF black frames at ISO 1600 from 20s to 1/40s. I could not detect any significant difference. If you still think " High ISO Noise Reduction" would affect the NEF,, please give a hint at exposure conditions ISO, time +?? where one should be able to verify the effect.

You seem to be right about the D7200; High ISO Noise Reduction does not affect the NEF.
I'm pretty sure this was not true on some early Nikon bodies but it's not something I've tracked over time.
(So in an abundance of caution I disable it when testing Nikon NEF files.)


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