Does Canon 2x Extender works wiht Canon 55-250 lens?

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Re: Does Canon 2x Extender works wiht Canon 55-250 lens?

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I was researching myself recently whether you can use EF-S lenses with Canon Extenders and I have not found a complete answer, so here's compilation of my own findings and info from others.

- NO - it will not allow you to shoot distant objects

You will lose the ability to focus to infinity and you will be able to manually focus only on near objects - depending on the lens, up to around 1 meter from the camera. There's no way that I know of to work around this.

No, this is only because you use extension tubes, as you explain below

- YES, technically it is possible

1) You will need an extension tube to mount the lens on the extender, because:

a) Canon extenders have EF mount - extension tubes (I have Kenko) have both mounts.

b) The extender partially goes inside of the lens, so you need to separate them with at least 20mm extension tube.

2) You will need to focus manually

a) The camera will lose the ability to autofocus (most Canon cameras lose that if the maximum aperture of the set up is over f/5.6 - the 2x converter magnifies the maximum aperture x2, making the lens in question a f/8-11.6 lens)

b) viewfinder will get very dark

3) Extenders will work with Canon macro lenses not listed in compatibility charts (so the non-L class ones), provided you use an extension tube. Viewfinder will get dark and autofocus may be very inaccurate.


Current status:

It is possible to remove the back of the 55-250 lens and use it on EF mounts (with heavy vignetting). Therefore, with Kenko 1.4x or 2.0 x teleconverters (which don't protrude into the lens like Canon's teleconverters) you should be able to use the lens.

Kenko released new teleconverters recently, the Teleplus HD series, which DO mount EF-S lenses!

However, as pointed out, with a 1.4x the aperture will become f8, and with a 2x it will be f11. Therefore AF will only work poorly in live view on rebel bodies, unless you have a 7D II, which focuses with phase detect at f8.

The best solution for more reach, as mentioned, Tamron 150-600 and Sigma 150-600c

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