Canon to produce edible inks !!!

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Re: Canon to produce edible inks !!!


The don't endorse these.

Go to

and look under notices for edible inks.

An excerpt from the link:

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Canon does not recommend the use of edible ink or icing sheets for use in any of its range of Bubble Jet Printers. The printers are not designed to print with edible inks or to be used with edible icing paper.

Canon has not approved or tested edible inks or icing sheets.

Standard inks (either Canon manufactured inks or other third party inks) are not safe to digest and immediate medical advice should be sought if this were to happen.

If the use of such inks or media were contemplated then extreme caution should be taken to avoid cross contamination with the standard inks and to avoid contact with any of the printer internal components that could contain substances, which may be transferred onto the icing sheet.

In addition to the potential health and safety aspects, the use of these edible inks or icing sheets in your printer could result in reduced print quality, clogging of the printer's system or even damage to the printer's components. Under these circumstances if a failure develops in the printer, which is directly attributed to the use of such consumables, Canon reserves the right to refuse to repair the printer under warranty (in accordance with the applicable warranty terms).



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