Review: My two months with the D750

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Review: My two months with the D750

This is not a detailed review. This is simply my impressions and some quick/brief thoughts on the D750 after my first two months of using it. I bought the D750 in early November 2015.

Image Quality

It's outstanding. I'm not a huge pixel peeper, but when you do zoom in on those low ISO images for close inspection, the files are extremely detailed with lots of texture and super clean. Crystal clear. High ISO is also very good, but I try to limit my ISO to 3200 or less as a general practice, even with the Df.


I really love the grip on the D750. It's the best Nikon grip I've ever used. Just my personal opinion/preference. All the other controls are very easy to access and very familiar to me as a long-time Nikon shooter (with a few short lapses in DSLR ownership).

The size/weight debate

I knew what to expect when I bought this camera, so this is not a 'problem' for me. Obviously, it would be great if it was the size/weight of a Fuji X100, but we all know it's not and if you do need the smaller size/weight, we all know what cameras you have available. So there's no point in fussing about the size/weight of a DSLR. You either want to own it of you don't. Period.

Features and Functions

I've always been very happy with the large number of features Nikon gives you with the DSLR and the D750 offers what I want and need in a DSLR to keep me happy until I switch to mirrorless as the primary system in the future. The tilting LCD screen is very convenient. The auto-ISO setup is great.


I rarely do video, but the video I've shot mostly for testing purposes has been very nice. Unfortunately, I like to use auto focus during video, so I don't see myself using the D750 much for video since manual focus is the only practical way to go since AF is very bad during video. I have a Sony a6000 that I'll use for any video I need/want.


Ultimately what it comes down to for me is the final image I come away with and I've been very, very happy with the D750 in that regard. I shoot raw and process my photos in Lightroom.

Where will I go in the future as far as my main camera system I take on vacation, etc? I've been using mirrorless cameras for the last few years as my primary system and I've really enjoyed those. (m4/3 and some Fuji models) I believe I'll eventually be back to a mirrorless system about three years from now. I wanted to keep the Fuji system as my primary camera, but there was always something about my Nikon files I loved a little more (as far as the end result after processing) so I ended up switching back to a DSLR for now. It's very possible Sony might be in my future. I wasn't ready to go with the A7 series just yet. Maybe in three years it'll be where I want it to be for me to take that plunge. I'm also waiting to see what Nikon does with regards to mirrorless. I owned two of the Nikon 1 cameras, but that's not what I'd be willing to use as a primary system. They know how to make a really nice little mirrorless camera with wonderful AF, so let's hope they come along with a great APS-C or full frame mirrorless in the near future that would make all the Nikon DSLR owners happy enough to be willing to use a Nikon mirrorless body.

Ultimately, I have no brand loyalty. I just use what I like and what works well for me, so I have no idea which system I'll end up with after my time with the D750 is ready to be sold. For now, I'm enjoying the images from the D750 and looking forward to taking it on my trips next year.


Here are some photos I've shot with the D750 in the last two months. My full gallery of D750 images is here:

I believe I shot all the images below with the Nikon 24-120mm f/4

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