Extender for 70-300 L IS

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Re: Extender for 70-300 L IS

MichaelLloyd wrote:

the canon extender fits/works fine on the 70-300mm L as long as you keep it at 225-300mm (which is what I need it for)

This is the text from the Digital Picture:

'The available with-1.4x focal length range is about 350-420mm and 500-600mm with the 2x installed. Zooming out wider than the 250mm-or-so zoom ring mark results in a physical bump inside the lens. I'm guessing that it is the rubber around the edge of the extender element contacts the rear 70-300 L lens element or its barrel. I do not recommend mounting this combination due to potential damage the to lens.'

When zooming wider than 250 you have the bump. So the lens has to be (nearly fully) extended when in use.

This works when you are in a hide or stay at the same place, but when moving the risks of damaging the lens are high. When carried the lens normally is retracted. In a bag the lens can collapse because of the movements or when placing the bag on the ground (there is no 'end-lock', only at 70mm). So in practice it is better to remove the extender every time you start moving. Because strange things will happen with the extended lens in a bag.

Ok, it works but it is not recommended.

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