Did my lens filter protect my lens when dropped

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Re: Did my lens filter protect my lens when dropped

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Tord S Eriksson wrote:

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Thx everyone. I'm the original poster. From what I can see the lens is just fine. I haven't done any extensive testing though. Just shooting pics. I put another filter on it. Bought the same one on KEH used.

Nice to hear!

I believe in metal lens shades, but they are hard to come by!

I like plastic lens hoods a bit more, they absorb energy better, rather than passing it along.

Maybe something in between, as most plastic ones are made out of brittle plastic, thus break into pieces even after a slight drop (my 70-200 hood became totally unusuable after a drop of about an inch/2.5cm).

I guess one can design a bad hood from plastic and a good one? Yours was from a Nikkor?

My 70-200mm f4 L USM tumbled from stairs and came to a stop on the concrete floor. Lens survived, the lens hood had taken the blow and split open along the side. I am glad it absorbed most of the energy.

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