D7200 HPS (hot pixel suppression) news

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Re: D7200 HPS (hot pixel suppression) news

dpthoughts wrote:

Bernard Delley wrote:

a black frame at ISO 1600 at 1/5s

To me it looks like, as if for the red channel, HPS is already effective at 1/5s. Else it could be pure luck, that the sensor doesn't have any hot red pixel, of course. Did you try shorter exposures than 1/5s to check, if red hot pixels emerge in the statistics then?

You are right that it is not evident from the plot that the red HPS kicks in between 1/5 and 1/4s.

However, from the details of the HPS analysis, described in my previous post in this thread, I can see that also for the red channel HPS kicks in. For 1/5s there were 180 red pixels among the 23Mpix/4 that did not obey the HPS criterion.  At 1/4s there are none that defy the HPS criterion. So there is a clear indication of HPS acting on the moderately hot pixels in the fat tail.

Another good news in this is that this camera/sensor has fewer misbehaving pixels than any other sensor type,  I have "seen" before (about 10 Nikon, 3 Canon 2 Pentax). This comes in addition to the now very good HPS algorithm.

For the conditions of the test shown in the figure, we find 8 hot pixels exceeding raw number 250 among the 24 Mpix. The average expectation per channel is thus about 2. By consequence of the Poisson distribution, one has a 13.5% chance in each channel to just observe none such pixels, and a higher probability that no occurrence happens in any of the 4 color channels. What I try to say is that the appearance of above test result properties is fairly likely for this sensor. It is a very good sign.

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