XF 200mm f/4 R LM WR

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Re: XF 200mm f/4 R LM WR - Doubt it......


I doubt Fuji will ever offer a 200mm f4 lens.  That FL/speed combination has died out in every other brand because they don't sell.  The exception is the Nikon 200/4 Micro-Nikkor - a dedicated macro lens.  They've been replaced by either the 180mm or 200mm f2.8 primes (and f2 primes if you like) and by the ubiquitous 70-200/2.8 zooms.

It was the development of high grade fast tele zooms that either killed off or drastically reduced the sales of short medium teles - 105, 135, and 200mm.  Before decent zooms were developed, millions were made and sold, and today you can buy them for peanuts on e-Bay.  The prime FL that still survives reasonably well is the 85mm, because it can be made substantially faster than the fast zooms without becoming unduly large.

My guess would be that if Fuji offer a longer prime of around 180-200mm, it'll be f2.8 to compete with the DSLR brands and be substantially faster than their own 100-400 zoom.

Cheers, Rod

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