Short thoughts/samples from Sony FE 24-240

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Short thoughts/samples from Sony FE 24-240

Got my FE 24-240 yesterday.  I picked it up because I needed something a bit longer than my FE 28 or 55.18 and I don't like using the Samyang 85/1.4 for long-distance I was tired of constantly swapping lenses when out and about.

Some thoughts and photos, for anyone interested:

Build - Build seems good, high quality plastics.  Firm zoom ring, which I like.  The double-telescoping barrel has no wiggle.  It has a very small focus ring but amazingly, it's in the perfect spot for me when I shoot in DMF mode, as I can turn the focus ring with my left thumb while still supporting the lens/body combo.

Autofocus -- Testing with a Sony A7ii and AF-S mode with either medium or large flexible box, it's fast.  Haven't tried AF-C, as I rarely shoot that mode.

OSS -- It's okay, nothing to really write home about.  I haven't done any super-scientific testing, but so far it's not ultra-great.  I might need to check on a firmware update for the lens or something, as I'm using the A7ii and it uses body + lens.

Image quality

(sharpness)-- Considering what it is (a full-frame 10x walk around zoom starting at 24mm!), it's pretty good.  No, it's not FE 28mm or ZE 55/1.8 good, but it's not left me disappointed and actually a bit surprised.

Now it's true, I cannot get edge-to-edge sharpness at 24mm at any aperture.  So, for my landscapes, I might bust out the 28mm if I really need that sort of sharpness or just deal with imperfect edges, but even still, it's not bad, just not excellent.

Going up from 24mm, though, the IQ is actually pretty impressive, then drops off again around 180mm or so (but not horribly).  I don't see myself being disappointed in any shots from this lens, especially in prints.  Pixel peepers might be disappointed.

(vignetting) - Present at almost all apertures, but I typically like a little vignetting.  At 24mm and wide open it can be strong in the far corners, but fixable if you want to.

Also vignettes at 200mm+ and f/11 or so.  Typically that doesn't bother me, but I took a shot of the sky this morning and wished it wasn't there, as I had to hassle with it a bit to get the look I wanted.  Not a deal breaker.

(bokeh) - This isn't a fast lens.  That said, bokeh quality can go from pretty darn good to "kit lens ugh!" depending on your shooting parameters.  The photographer is going to have to use their brain for shots -- no depending on a fast aperture as a crutch.

Versatility -- This is why I own the lens!  It is just awesome being able to go from wide angle to moderate telephoto with one lens!  I hate swapping lenses when I'm on a walk / hike / mountain biking, and this lens solves the problem admirably.

Overall Verdict -- For what it gives me (a true one-lens solution for many things), I like it.  It's a bit large and bulky, but considering it's a freaking full-frame 10x zoom, I'll forgive it.  Image quality can be pretty good to very good, it all depends on the photographer doing their part.

4 of 5 stars

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