Is This Proof That An NX2 Is a Few Weeks Away ?

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Raw Jaw
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Re: He's referring to a different show

nevada5 wrote:

Raw Jaw wrote:

justmeMN wrote:

At the 2016 CP+ Camera Show, Samsung isn't on the List Of Exhibitors. All the other camera companies will be there.

I don't know if Samsung was at 2015 CP+, but it seems unusual to be the only camera company that's not there.

You information is not correct.

On, the CES 2016 web site, there are Three listings for Samsung Electronics.

Try the letter "S" on the 'Exhibitors by Alpha' page.

CP+ is in Yokohama, Japan in February. CP+ "World Premier" - so this is their first event??? It's possible that explains why some won't be there.

Sincere thanks for the correction.

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