Sony RX100-IV Real World Review

Started Dec 9, 2015 | User reviews thread
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Re: Sony RX100-IV Real World Review

I got one of these babies as a replacement for my Canon S90 which had been sat on ... Slightly bigger and heavier but still fits in my chest pocket when hiking. So far so good.

After using it for a month or so now I have the following comments:

1): 4K recording limited to 5 minutes! Camera becomes very hot while recording. Anyone got the same problem?

2): HFR 960 fps burns out the battery really fast!

3): Got the time laps app in the app store, and it has this thing where it is not possible to turn off the back screen display during time laps shooting. At 40F ambient this results in a maximum shooting time of 30 minutes or so in my experience starting with a fully charged battery. Totally useless both for time laps and in case you would like to use the camera for something else afterwards, since the battery is gone.

I would liken this camera to a Chevy Tahoe with a one gallon gas tank. Its a camera on steroids but seriously under powered with regards to battery capacity. Simple functionality (like turning off the back screen in the time laps app, running it on USB power while shooting HFR or just getting rid of the "Running on PAL" startup screen if you switch to PAL recording) is missing.

Comes off as a beta test product to me. Knowing what I know now I would have gone for the mark III or bought something completely different. Sorry Sony.

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