Breathtaking 1.8 zoom really

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Arpit Agrawal
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Breathtaking 1.8 zoom really

Well when Sigma released this lens I was very skeptical why would someone want to spend 1K USD for a crop sensor lens which offers a very limited range? I always thought that this is not practical and I would not buy the lens. Then there came a time when I bought a 5d3 with the 24-105f4IS kit lens. There are lot of things I like about the kit lens I hate few things as well. I hate to use F4 lenses indoors. Getting a 24-70 f2.8 IS the ultimate choice but then I thought for kind of photos I shoot I should give a try to this sigma and go for the hype.

I have paired this lens with my Canon 7d2 and Man this lens is awesome. I have also tried to use this lens on full frame 5d3 and the only place it is usable is 35mm and still shows some venerating just wanted to try this as lot of users are searching for this information. For my 1d4 I Can say the lens shows no venerating from 22mm to 35 which is quite excellent.

Coming on to the lens review to compare the size is almost same as the Canon 24-105. Build quality is A grade and I mean spectacular. Some area of improvement would be rubber gasket for weather sealing, metal filter thread. Well all of us who own a canon camera have seen the Power of 50 1.8. Image quality of this zoom is better than 50mm 1.8 at every focal length at f1.8. This seems hard to believe but you need to try this to believe . For people who want to try and make this work on full frame specially canon don’t waste your money and go for 24-35 f2. For wedding photographers who have a fast APC Body which can be used for shooting wedding dances go for this lens and you would love it.

I per sonly am in love with this lens and would be happy to take your questions.

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