Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM: the perfect 400mm budget option for A7II?

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Re: Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM: the perfect 400mm budget option for A7II?

NomadMark wrote:

KwhyChang wrote:

A long time ago I was making the decision between the EF 100-400 and the EF 400. I chose the zoom, thinking it would be more useful/versatile. After seeing many shots from the prime compared against the ones that I took at 400 on the zoom, it made me regret that decision for many years. Although I don't own it, I would recommend it.

I'm grappling with the same issue ... 400mm FL for my a7Rii:

  • IIRC, I noticed a deal on the EF 100-400 mark-one for $999. Probably related to the release of the very highly rated mark-two. Might have been refurbished?
  • Used mark-one's might be very good value, if in good-to-excellent condition.
  • ...
  • I own a Sigma 150-500 OS for Canon EF mount, but I've never been that happy with it.
  • And it is Very Glitchy with my FotodioX adapter ... works erratically and then sometimes locks up a7Rii.
  • Overall, I feel I get better results over the Sigma using my EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS mark-two, and major cropping ... especially since it has the fast f2.8 aperture for interiors. The Sigma at 400+mm doesn't seem to get all that sharp even at f8.

For the $$$, you can't beat the 400 5.6L in terms of IQ. The original 100-400 doesn't come close.

I'd not use words "doesn't come to close" for the difference. 100-400L IS used to have a QC issue years ago but later Canon improved QC and even slightly improves IQ at 400mm side. If you searched you can read many threads back then. When I bought 100-400L IS (later batch) I still possessed 400L f5.6 for a few weeks before selling it. I did side by side comparison indoor and outdoor (still save those test shots in one of my hard drives). Actually (a good later-batch copy) 100-400L pretty close in most center areas @400mm F5.6 but 400L f5.6 is noticeably better in edges where is not critical for the purpose of both lenses in wildlife, airshow, zoo and sports in good light. They are not for landscape or even for portraiture. I have many photos from 100-400L in airshow, zoo and wildlife on 1D3, 60D, 5D1-5D3 with pretty good sharpness.

Great results here. I love mine.

Agreed. Nevertheless the point for OP is that 400L f5.6 AF well A7 II but probably not with 100-400L, at least beyond 300mm from what I have read. I need to test my copy with A7 II. However I'd still use Canon tele lenses on Canon DSLRs in reality.

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