Which eye do you put to the viewfinder?

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Re: Which eye do you put to the viewfinder?

You could but its a little annoying.  Cataract surgery is the best bet. I had it down a few months ago from the same diagnosis except for shooting and astronomy as much as for photography. I am left-handed but right-eye dominant (80% of lefties are right-eye dominant by the way). Lots of choices in the lens setup in cataract surgery. I chose to come out far-sighted instead of my previous near-sighted. Now I can drive without glasses if I choose and can buy sunglasses off the shelf. Means I need reading glasses because I did not elect to get multi-focus lenses (insurance won't pay for those completely, as in $$$$) plus they are a compromise setup. Also did not elect to get astigmatism correction even though I suffer from it. Instead I got a set of glasses made that are bifocal for reading and correct for astigmatism as I don't need either corrected 85% of the time.

Weirdest part was seeing during the 30 days between getting my right eye corrected and my left eye done.

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