Am I The Only One Who Hates What Adobe Has Done To Photoshop?

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Re: Adobe's poor quality of testing strikes again!!

Graham wrote:

PhilM oz wrote:

When a new version of software is released, the developer had to convince people to buy it, and therefore has to make sure it is as bug-free as possible: if it is buggy, people will vote with their wallets and not buy the upgrade. Under the subscription model, Adobe already has your money: it was easy to predict that the subscription model might lead to less rigorous testing of updates, and this seems to be evidenced by what is happening, both in Photoshop and Lightroom: complacency and sloppiness have not so much crept in as arrived at the gallop on a charger. And if you do not like interface changes (as some seem to be saying for the new Windows version), the only way round this is not to update, but then you are still paying your subscription for increasingly old software: if you cancel your subscription, the software stops working and you have to buy another package in order to be able to open and work on your old files. Adobe has got you either way, and you do not have the option to call time on changes to stick with a version you like without having to continue to pay a subscription for it: not a great position for consumers.


A very astute summary of the situation with Adobe and the subscription model for customers.


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