Which eye do you put to the viewfinder?

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Re: Which eye do you put to the viewfinder?

pixelsmithy wrote:

A little informal DPReview Pentax survey...

Q: Are you right-handed or left-handed (or ambidextrous)

Q: When you use a camera viewfinder, which eye do you put to the viewfinder?

I read all the comments and concluded I must be freakish.  Just as I change my hiking stick from hand to hand and my camera as I hike along, I change eyes looking through the OVF with the same facility.  I don't notice any problem at all with either eye.  I'm close to being ambidextrous if that makes any difference.

Ah, thinking back, I my left eye used to be better at distance and my right eye close up.  I had cataracts and got new lenses when I was about 70 (I'm 81 now) in both eyes so that now they are closer.  I would have to change the focus on the OVF to agree with which ever eye I was using -- now I don't have to change it.  So even though I'm mostly right handed, i used to use my left eye because it was better at seeing distance.


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