Which eye do you put to the viewfinder?

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Re: Which eye do you put to the viewfinder?

pixelsmithy wrote:

A little informal DPReview Pentax survey...

Q: Are you right-handed or left-handed (or ambidextrous)

A: Ambidextrous, right-hand dominant by habit

Q: When you use a camera viewfinder, which eye do you put to the viewfinder?

A: Left with glasses, right with contacts or in vertical (portrait) shooting. At least for DSLRs; with the extra clearance of medium format cameras' viewfinders from the back of the camera, I used to find myself shooting almost exclusively with my left eye either way. I think it mostly comes down to whatever's most comfortable for you as my right eye's vision is almost twice as bad as my left — ergonomics are more top-of-mind for me than eye preference when shooting.

I'd say if your right has been working for you so far, you're probably safe to leave well enough alone

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I'm curious because I am right-handed and have always (unthinkingly)
put the viewfinder to my right eye. However, a recent eye examination
has discovered that I have cataracts and my right eye is significantly
worse. With a new prescription they say they can get me to 20/25 and
I'll need cataract surgery eventually, but I'm wondering if, in the
meantime, I can successfully train myself to use my left eye to the

Hope this has been at all helpful. Happy shooting, eh.


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< / sarcasm>

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