A little Timeline Update K-1 & 2.8 70-200

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Re: A little Timeline Update K-1 & 2.8 70-200

Yes, yes, thank you Tan68, I know it very well.

Fortunately I do not use this operativity from at least 5 years.

Slow, involved, creates problems, particulary with the exposure bracketing.

I produce, almost exclusively, multi-shots stitched images, usually Gigapixel panoramics, (from tens to hundreds shots for one image).

With mirror-up, there is too much delay between shots and the other, and so, also more work to do later, in PP, in any case with worse results where are moving elements, (clouds, trees, grass, and sometimes people that do not want to erase) all that is not perfectly still and have light variations.

Also much more total time to take all the shots on the location.

Put the technique of mirror-up in comparison with electronic shutter completely silent, no mechanical movements, even those of the shutter curtains, (Fuji X, latest Sony A, for example), it's like going from darkness to the sunlight!

Also the curtains introduce vibrations that can produce blur with shutter times below a certain critical value, depending by the camera, the focal length, the orientation on the tripod head, landscape or portrait, etc.

Never again, if it's possible and it is possible.

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