Error message E:62:10 in 15 month old HX400v

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Re: Error message E:62:10 in 15 month old HX400v

Bill Borne wrote:

Stephen McDonald wrote:

It doesn't make sense to give a camera model a drastically downgraded rating, just because one of them had a fault develop after more than a year of good service. If an athlete won a race and sprained an ankle after finishing, would the victory be cancelled?

Makes sense to me. That's his opinion and I can see whyh he is frustrated. Again and again over the years I have seen the same problems arise with certain models ans sony just ignores them saying "Out of Warranty". For example the H5 half press problem! Widely know but sony would not repair after warranty. I got bit with that one! So I purchased another one and sent the original one back under the new ones warranty!!!! And gave it to my daughter!!! Sony is and always will be horrible about customer service! That is why I never buy a camera till it's been out for quite a while. I'm sure they fix things in later production runs and never tell anyone!

And that is why I always buy extended accidental warranty. Why accidental? Cause when something does happen and they claim moisture or something I'll Accidentally drop it from a roof top!

Now That's just my opinion!

Yeah, but when a product is 3 months out of warranty, it simply is well out of warranty.

It's on forums like this we see the ones that break down, the vast majority aren't so unlucky. Every brand has products that break down, but you never hear from the ones that don't (usually).

It's the same with everything that has warranty. We have NO clue to how this user has used and abused his camera (not saying he has though!!), but you can't expect companies to magically extend warranties for everyone.

I agree though that if it is something that is widely known (and widely known on forums doesn't count, ie: 30 cases doesn't count), it sucks.

And yeah, this camera "review" doesn't make any sense. He's not reviewing the camera, he's reviewing Sony.. I'm sure he was happy with the camera for almost a year and a half.

This is what sucks with electronics, it's tender stuff. But, i can't get enough of it

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