NX1 with Samyang 12mm inheritant lens distortion and angles

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Re: NX1 with Samyang 12mm inheritant lens distortion and angles

Thanks to you vatazhka and to you TJL LTFF ... what a nice, name, nik-code-names!

I know very well that site, I follow it frequently, it's one of the best I know, and in fact I had already seen the proof made by them some time ago.

However, do not always they do this test properly: this kind of test is the one made less well because it has too many differences between one and the other, between a weather situation and the other and between a frame and the other.

They unfortunately do not have the weather control and are not able to stop the run of the sun, but they should complete the outside test with another one under controlled environment and repeatable in a studio.

It would be enough to use a dark room or a dark wall with a directive bright light source such as a good LED spotlight, this would be good enough. So the infinity focusing is not possible, but in any case would be a fixed point for reference, that actually is missing.

In addition I must say that slight differences may exist between a lens construction and the other, over time, which could produce different results between a copy and the other of the seemingly same lens. Personal experience.

So, having already seen that ugly result by LensTip about this lens, I took the chance on the fly to get and see another feed. I would like to see the result by other users with this 12mm Samyang lens on a Samsung body, but why not, also another brand could be good.

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