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sammieboi wrote:

Well I didn't really expect this many options...sounds like everyone has a different opinion. It would be much easier if Fuji didn't have so many great lenses lol.

I have another kid coming in July - would any of these lenses also work as a great lens for infant photography? The pictures I bought from the picture people from the hospital were terrible.

Yes, it is a pickle when everybody has different opinions and taste.

I have had a disney pass for about five years in a row, I was there almost every weekend with my family and I would always take my camera. I stopped getting the passes recently because what disney has done by raising the prices is just ridiculous and I am not spending a single more penny on them anymore. It is outrageous. I go to other places now.

All "I" ever needed was one prime, and one zoom. Your 23mm is PERFECT for disneyland because of the lack of space in lines you will need it, and the 1.4 is perfect when in tunnels and stuff like that. The 23mm will be awesome for that so don't even think of leaving it at home

For a little wider and longer reach, get the 18-55. If you get the 18-135 you will need external flash. Used the 18-55 is only about $300 stinking dollars (I still can't believe that), but the lens is amazingly good, and super light.

That's about it. Enjoy whatever you end up getting and show us your pictures after

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