B&H Jacking Up Prices for Christmas

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You can't have it both ways

AbbiW wrote:

There are three items I have been looking at over the course of the last week. The prices of each has risen between 6-10% in the last week. All three video-related.

The Sony AX100 camcorder was $1598 yesterday. Today it is $1698.

Love that holiday spirit B&H!

Black Friday weekend has been historically been promoted as one of the biggest - probably the biggest - sale weekend of the year. Everybody's promoting deep discounts, people are buying like crazy, and every brand is fighting for market share of the business with their lowest prices on that weekend.

So how can prices be as low or lower a week later? That would make black Friday weekend meaningless. By definition, a sale is a reduced price for a limited time. So of course the prices will be higher after the sale ends. This ain't rocket science - it's just ordinary retail business.

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