Fantastic for its size (also compared to m43)

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Fantastic for its size (also compared to m43)

My impressions were captured in this post with image samples as well, but this is what I think of this little camera:

1) construction is very good, better than my Panny GX7 which is already considered good.

2) it's bit bigger and heavier than I expected, actually pocket-able only in a jacket. Perfect for my hikes and business trips.

3) AF speed is better than I expected. I would say its equal to my GX7+20mm/1.7 combo (which however is considered a slow focus lens). However in close ups or macro and low light sometimes it refuses to focus or focuses on wrong subjects and you need to try again. Generally it is slower then Panny GX7.

4) Image quality is very good. DOF is of course bigger than the m43 setup but this was expected due to sensor size and lens.

5) High ISO quality is impressive! It appears sooner than the GX7, at ISO 800, but even ISO 4000 images are usable and if you shoot RAW you can practically overcome this.

6) Macro mode and AF is a joke! IF you just set to macro AF, the lens is extremely soft. In order to achieve some acceptable results you need to step down the lens to F4. Still the results I get from the Oly 12-50 macro mode are far better.

7) RAW shooting is slow!! Not only because burst is very slow but also because after each RAW image, screen goes black for a couple of seconds. However if you don't shoot burst, you get used to this speed and it's not actually a problem.

8) Dynamic range in RAW is good but a bit less than the m43 sensor. Especially in blown up areas, I have the impression I extract less data vs the GX7 sensor.

9) Ergonomics are very good. There is no grip for the right hand, but if you flip the screen a bit you create an angle for your hand between the camera body and the screen and its very easy to use it with just one hand. Also its nice that the screen can turn to selfie mode.

10) HDR is fully automatic and works very easily, but on the other hand I would like to be able to choose the exposure difference between the images.

Overall I am very happy with this little gem. Despite some small negatives, it offers great image quality in low light and at a very small package. The reason I chose this vs the RX100 was price and ergonomics. Also compared to GM1 the G7X is smaller if you take into account the m43 lens. Even the smallest m43 lens (14mm/2.5) converts the GM1 to something bigger and less flexible (no zoom).

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