Display Port vs DVI for photo editing

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In checking the Apple forums, I found that Apple automatically includes driver updates for their supported graphics cards in their operating system updates. That gives me hope since Jim's very helpful (if alarming to me when I came across it last night!) information about 10-bit color support is from a 2012 thread. The ATI Radeon HD 4870 I purchased used (it's on the way) was originally configured or formatted for Apple as an upgrade option for Mac Pros. My hope is that either from its' origins as a modified-for-Apple card, or through subsequent Apple OS/driver updates the card can now support 10-bit color. Guess I'll find out. I'd appreciate any thoughts, or feedbacK anyone can give me. Thank you Jim for defining the issues for me, and prompting me to look at them further. Best Wishes, Jack


What application do you use to output 10 bit color?

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I haven't used 10 bit color yet. I received the 10 bit capable NEC monitor about a week ago. The replacement graphics card - ATI Radeon HD 4870 (for Mac)-with mini display port that I'm hoping (yet to be determined) will support 10 bit color is due to arrive next week. It's just recently (El Capitan?) that Apple has provided OS support for 10 bit color. I've heard that PS CS6 also supports it. Initially, there probably won't be so many apps that support it, but by and by I'm sure more will. Best wishes

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Now i hear Adobe isn't supporting 10-bit color (yet). I haven't checked with them myself, as I've been too busy trying to sort out the graphics card capability/compatibility issue. I have heard that the Mac El Capitan OS is offering support (=some support?) for 10-bit color. I've heard a number of people say 10-bit color is supported in the Mac Preview and Photo apps.. All the Best

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