Best product or brand to clean the sensor?

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Re: eyelead sensor cleaning kit from photography life

Plasmatico wrote:

Mine says Made in Germany, purchased directly from Photography Life. Great stuff, super easy, highly recommended. Of course now I have no use for it as I sold my NEX kit and am using the RX1 exclusively.


Mine doesn't say China anywhere, but I've long since tossed the outside box an only have the tin. For what it's worth, the English is a bit choppy and awkward on the instructions - I'm sure it's a translation issue from the German. I think they're word for word the same as those pictured.

orsonbudd wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

orsonbudd wrote:

Plasmatico wrote:

Last week I received the "eyelead" sensor cleaning kit from photography life. I just finished cleaning the sensor of my NEX-6 and I have to say that it's not only super easy to use but it really works. 100% satisfied and HIGHLY recommended. price may be on the high side, but if you value your gear and want the best, this is top rate it in my book.

In the past month I've had two really good experiences with photography products, first the Ciecio7 FD-NEX adapter, the best lens adapter I've used and now this sensor cleaning stick. Both required gear.

I also purchased the eyelead and I think mine is a fake. The box has a "Sony" sticker on it instead of a print, the back of the box says "Designed in Germany. Special material made in Germany. Made in China" and the user manual inside is full of grammatical errors. Can you please compare this to your product? I just want to know if I have the real thing or not.

Thank You

If you purchased it from Photography Life, it's the real deal. I don't know if anyone sells the real thing. Can you send a picture?

No, Photography Life is for the US market, I'm in Europe. Eyelead is a German manufacturer and Photography Life is not the exclusive reseller.

Note the "Sony" sticker on the box, "Designed in Germany, special material made in Germany, Made in China" on the bottom back of the box, the lack of a barcode on the tin box and the user manual full of grammatical errors.

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