Kirlian photography (corona discharge) using a DIGITAL CAMERA ?!

Started Apr 15, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: Kirlian photography (corona discharge) using a DIGITAL CAMERA ?!

ZorSy wrote:

Thanks for the comments - I have ruled out "remote" imaging for personal experience. 1980 was involved in project with this type of photography, it was 0.5MV Tesla transformer and a big fun! We did some photos of course, but taking antyhing metal in your hands was the main discharge point in the whole room, we would pass the pen around and the discharge was passing along the tip. The air oozed with ozone and it was wild! Would not bring my camera in that room, no way! PPL wanting too experience this should go in some technical museums with working Tesla coils - be warned it just looks scary!


Maybe a use for an old digital camera that is no longer worth taking photos with.

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