Nikon's purchase of Samsung's mirrorless system makes sense

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Re: Nikon's purchase of Samsung's mirrorless system makes sense

noflashplease wrote:

First of all, I wouldn't assume that Nikon is adopting another company's commercially unsuccessful product line at the expense of their own Nikon 1/CX system. It appears that the Nikon 1 system has sold in higher volumes globally than Samsung's entire NX line, although it's hard to find definitive figures. Samsung NX mount has the same primary problem as the CX in that its diameter is too small for a full frame sensor.

My guess is that Nikon is more interested in breaking Sony's sensor monopoly in the wake of Sony's purchase of Toshiba's camera sensor division. Samsung also represents an alternative to buying in specialized camera processors from third parties, as well as an alternative approach to firmware development. The downside is that Samsung's much touted 28MP BSI sensor needs a lot of improvement in terms of high ISO performance to meet current Nikon APS-C standards. The same goes for Samsung's approach to firmware. Constant updates don't inspire confidence. Overall, Samsung's technology needs to be polished before it's up to current Nikon standards

The Samsung NX lenses themselves are a mixed bag, some being acceptable and some being altogether unworthy of the Nikkor name. Nikon makes good glass. Samsung made...umm....better glass than some of Sony's worst E-mount lenses. Maybe. My guess is that Samyang makes better glass than Samsung, so it's a pity that Samsung couldn't have adopted decent Samyang optical formulas and adapted them to their own autofocus system.

The Samsung NX cameras themselves are an ergonomic nightmare. Compare a $1,500 Samsung NX1 with the $1,200 Nikon D7200 and you'll notice that the Samsung has oddly arranged physical controls. It's almost as if Samsung never really had a clue about how enthusiasts, let alone professionals, actually use cameras. In truth, a Nikon badged NX500 or NX1 wouldn't be a market success, even with Nikon's superior distribution and marketing. The cameras themselves were just too awkward and quirky.

I'm not reading the rumour as Nikon simply rebadging Samsung-made cameras.

In fact, as a supposed pro-level mirrorless system to compete with Sony's A7 line, I would fully expect them to abandon the existing NX mount for a larger diameter to accomodate 35mm sensors, as well as reduce the flange distance from 26mm to the same as Sony's 18mm to adapt every known top piece of glass ever made that a pro might possibly want to use.

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