What is/are the best low light APS-C Camera/s?

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Re: What is/are the best low light APS-C Camera/s?

Walsh_uk wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

Why is this 3 year old thread bumped?

Because I am looking for a APS C body that can be tethered and so far its Canon and Nikon for astro imaging via Backyard EOS or Backyard Nikon, others can be tethered via other software but I like the dither function and inegration with PHD guiding.

I'm thinking of selling my cooled Mono astro imaging camera and buying a camera I can make use of in the daytime.

Nikon D750 with crop looks like a best bet as my scope cannot flatten a full frame sensor.

If you're going to use the D750 in DX Crop mode then you would be better off with a D7200:

I also suggest checking with the astrophotography guys.
Depending on your needs some cameras are better than others for other reasons.
(One example being "star eating" signal processing.)

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