Photograhy and Spacial Memory

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Re: Photograhy and Spacial Memory

dulynoted wrote:

mh2000 wrote:

dulynoted wrote:

Interesting. Might explain why I like to seek out and photograph abandoned buildings. One here in dalian I go into from time to time still has rotten chocolates on the hotel room pillows and half drunk bottles of alchohol. Even the offices still have workers personal belongings still inside. Pretty creepy place actually...still havent managed to figure out where the spa is inside there yet....too dark.

Thanks! It's the underlying motivations that transforms photography from a technical craft into one of the arts! Post your stuff when you get a chance!

And, haha, obviously, spelling isn't one of my strong points!

I actually havent taken my gear into this particular building yet. I have to climb the side of a building to avoid a few guards to reach it as its right behind a bank. I am planning on going back soon though. There is a huge broken window opening into a hotel room there, once it snows here i imagine it will make for a great shot. Ill take my flash gear as well

Can't wait to see those photos!!! 

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