DTP20 (Pulse) calibration error

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Re: Yes, the low battery charge was my cal error reason...

pacviewcam wrote:

One more thing, in response:

I checked back through my emails and found an email exchange with x-rite that I'd forgotten about -- with the activation code.

Now it's all taken care of.

Hoping there are still plenty of these gizmos in use, it's a great piece of equipment

Happy Thanksgiving everybody

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I also have an Xrite I1Pro and the Pulse out performs the I1Pro in the ease of scanning patch targets, and generates the same equivalent profiles.  The I1Pro is $1K+, and most of my Pulse units cost $50 -75!

In case anyone is reading this and are thinking about getting a Pulse, any Pulse units that come with Pulse Color Elite scanning software that has the S/N key have most likely been already registered at some point and you won't be able to generate an activation code to use the scanning software.  Xrite doesn't support the Pulse, won't even sell you the old software, you need to buy the new current software at around $500.  Thus if you buy a Pulse make sure you get the "activation" code from the seller and not just the software key code.  The Activation code will work on any Windows computer and OS, not sure about MAC.

Bob P.

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