Sony A7r2 - horizontal banding ??

Started Nov 27, 2015 | Discussions thread
mgrum Contributing Member • Posts: 741
It's caused by the phase detect pixels.

What you're seeing are artifacts from the phase detect pixels on the image sensor. That is why you don't see them with the Nikon D810 images.

These phase detect pixels just like regular pixels except they are half masked in order to detect the phase of incoming light. The camera still uses them to form part of the image, but must make adjustments for the difference in sensitivity of these pixels.

It seems like the adjustments break down in some way when pixels are very close to being overexposed, possibly because they have a different clipping point.

You can see the layout of the phase detect pixels if you take an extreme closeup image of the sensor. I've found such an image on FM and produced the follow comparison:

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