D810 mirror / shutter shock test results next week

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D810 mirror / shutter shock test results next week

Find this interesting, part of a DPR post regarding the round-up of $2000+ cameras. I would imagine it's not been an issue in general with the D8** series given the lack of information I've seen about it, there was a lot more about the original A7R and that issue - or perhaps I've just not been paying attention. But the statement about the relationship with VR lenses is an interesting one.

Personally I have a D700 and D7100 and no VR lenses, so not an issue that I have any experience of.

I thought Rishi's post on why there's not a D810 review yet was an excellent one, they've done a lot of work on it and developed some new tests (DR and shock) specifically for that camera, and will be done eventually - I think Nikon also perhaps confuses people sometimes, in that the D610 was a very minor update of the D600 (for obvious reasons), while the D810 is much more substantial it would seem.

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2nd and 3rd of 3 posts:

"As for mirror/shutter shock, unfortunately it's very real, particularly with VR lenses, and you have actually seen it reported elsewhere, though not studied thoroughly (enough). The reports of shake with the 300mm F4 lens represent an endemic problem with Nikon: a parasitic interaction between the mirror/shutter and VR.

We actually showed the issue here and here. While the D810 redesigned mirror/shutter does help compared to its predecessor, you still get the dramatically poor result I show in that sunset/beach shot, particularly b/c of that VR interaction.

We also showed the effect of electronic first curtain - which completely gets rid of the issue - here. Unfortunately though, EFC is implemented in such an unusable way for general photography that you can only really use it w/ static subjects.

What Nikon should have done was to allow a pre-programmed Mup delay w/ EFC so you could use EFC more generally.

"We'll be publishing those full shutter shock tests next week, by the way."

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