DP2 Merrill and Sigma Photo Pro outputting wrong colors

Started Oct 5, 2012 | Questions thread
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Same here

I have fought the same issue and came to conclusion that SPP indeed has many bugs.

Some of them are "features" - directly applicable to this topic.

What SPP 6 does is insert RAW format files into a colorspace that's set in SPP's preferences.

At the same time, it ASSUMES that the colorspace you have set matches exactly your monitor's capabilities. So if your monitor is not ProPhoto but less than sRGB, do not even expect any lifelike color in SSP. Just Export and move on to properly color-managed apps that can understand and translate between IMAGE DATA colorspace and OUTPUT DEVICE colorspace and translate properly.

SSP will just dump your AdobeRGB data onto your sRGB monitor in its native format, without blinking (translation).

Another annoying color processing bug is that SPP 6 incorrectly processes red signals from RAW, causing downshift into INFRARED spectrum. Things like veins, hidden defects under skin all become very visible when shooting skin into RAW AdobeRGB under cloudy conditions. Yikes!

When shooting in the same mode but under bright sun, the skin becomes to look "charred" and quite red.

A way to avoid this is shooting JPEG, at the price of losing some detail. Then you're back to dealing with the white point issues...

Somebody tell me why RAW in SIGMA has two colorspaces (same as JPEG) and not just "native"?

When shooting in sRGB, the colorspace is marked correctly in EXIF.

When shooting in AdobeRGB however, the colorspace is "Uncalibrated" - could this be something to do with my DP2M not calibrated properly at the factory? Are you seeing the same?

Have you guys used Iridient Developer on Macs and tried to avoid SPP altogether?

I am a PC however, Windows 7 x64 SPP 6.3 SIGMA DP2 Merrill.

I had SIGMA DP2s before and none such nonsense bothered me, colors were nice and bright.

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