Advise please: D610 for AUD$1000, or D750 for AUD$2000?

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Advise please: D610 for AUD$1000, or D750 for AUD$2000?


I am looking to buy a full-frame camera, and the two I am looking at are the D610 at AUD$1000, and the D750 at AUD$2000 (USD$725/$1450, EUR$680/$1360).

Why do I want a full frame camera, and why Nikon? Well, I want the combination of high dynamic range, with low noise. My main desire for this camera is landscape and astrophotography, particularly timelapse, where I want successive images to have as little variance as possible, and as much dynamic range from a single exposure as I can get. I will also use it for general wide-angle to low-range-telephoto shooting. I will be getting a Samyang 14mm f/2.8 to go with it, but I still haven't decided on a general purpose zoom (suggestions welcome there). I also really like the idea of the Nikon tilt-shift macro lens range.

For super telephoto shooting, I am still leaning towards Canon though. I have my eye on a 400mm f/5.6 or the 100-400mm ii, to go with my 70D. I like trying to shoot flying birds, and both these lenses are fantastic for that. Upgrading my Canon body at this point doesn't interest me. What they offer over the 70D, for their cost, compared to what I can get by investing in Nikon, just isn't worth it. What I don't know is, am I wrong in assuming that Nikon don't have offerings to match the two Canon 400mm L-series lenses i mentioned? If Nikon has something that can compete with them, at similar price point, my Canon gear might be totally obsolete.

What would you do? I am leaning towards the D610. It has slightly better sensor performance curves at lower ISO range compared to the D750 (and slightly worse at higher), so it covers my primary requirements perfectly. At $1000 I could buy 2 D610s for the price of 1 D750. Or, more realistically, buy a discounted D750 next year sometime with what I save by getting the D610 now.

So the question really is, are there $1000 worth of extra features on the D750 that would make the shooting experience that much better? Things like autofocus, image processing, recording video, button/dial placement, general ergonomics, UI design etc.

Thank you,


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