Extension tubes with Nikon 70 - 200?

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Re: Extension tubes for 70-200 VR?

Powerstroke2000 wrote:

_sem_ wrote:

Earl Weaver wrote:

1. Is it possible to use the extension tubes with this lens?

Yes. With longer lenses you need relatively long extension. There will be a bit of IQ degradation.

2. What extension tubes would you recommend for this?

Nikon PN-11 or PK-13

3. Do you still have the ability to use AF, aperture and shutter priority?

Kenkos preserve everything (AF needs a lot of light). But they flex with heavier lenses, and may vignette with long lenses on FX cameras.

Nikons are better mechanically but are AI era, lack electrical contacts... no AF with AF-S lenses, no metering with G lenses and with smaller bodies lacking the aperture sensing tab... unless you fit a "Dandelion" metering chip to the tube.

You also have alternatives:

Like the initial poster - I too have the 70-200mm VR and would like to possibly use extension tubes, or some way to basically double the distance for wildlife photography now and then.

I'm not sure why the 'alternatives' you mentioned, didn't show up above, but could you expand on how a teleconverter works, and the other option you gave? I too would like to have the AF etc. work, so I assume the Kenko brand is the best option?

This option would be used 'very' seldom for this lens, but it would be nice to have in the bag for other lenses as well on my D750.

The extension tubes and close-up lenses/diopters are for getting very close to  smaller subjects to magnify the image. That's not the same as thing as using a tele-converter to multiply the "zoom" as you would for distant wildlife.

With a diopter or extension tubes, you'd have to be roughly within arms reach of the subject. That's macro, where you try to get close to the subject.

For wildlife like deer or birds, you're trying to make the subject seem closer because you can't get close. That's the tele-converter. Your 200m lens might seem more like 300mm.

This is a 3 year old thread and related to macro, not wildlife. You won't want to sacrifice any auto features with wildlife.

For "wildlife", you're on the wrong forum.

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